Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So Someone Asked About Grinnell

And as much as I love it, I’m not going to give the “my school is the best speech.” Here’s everything you asked for, honest and in full detail.

-It is a small school. I love it, because classes are rarely over 20 people. I’ve known people who don’t like knowing almost everyone in their graduating class. Another major plus: accessible teachers. They all know you well, are easily available and want you to come in for extra help, review, etc.

-Like any liberal arts college, it’s in a bubble. There’s always events, concerts, talks, puppet shows and everything you could need on campus, but if you ever want to go to a city or buy something specific, you have to go online or an hour away to Iowa City. The college knows about their isolation, so they fly in anyone and everyone. This month we had the Preservation Hall Band and The Bread and Puppet Theatre. Next month we’re getting the Upright Citizen’s Brigade. Last year we had Lykke Li. One is never bored.

-The people are fantastic. A little hipster sometimes, but the same crowd as any liberal arts college. Yes there are drinking and stone cold sober groups. There are pot heads, sippers, and everything in between. More importantly, nobody cares. Drinkers don’t harass sobers, sobers don’t judge drinkers; there’s a lot of diversity. We have tons of international and racially diverse students. Because of the pre-orientation, a lot of the diverse groups gel together, but they are by no means exclusive. The only major lack of diversity is politically. Most people are very liberal, but conservatives are actually highly appreciated by all the students. These are the kinds of students who are curious and like having someone to debate with, seeing other points of view.

-Those the the major issues. The college is small, isolated and mixed. Still, Grinnell is full of massive Nerf gun fights, Lady Gaga themed costume parties, Yule Balls, star gazing, trains, chocolate milk, 2AM bakery runs, swingsets, gazebos, freely available bikes, 3AM pancakes, pipecleaner sculptures, puppets and any kind of friends you want. I highly encourage you to go.